Google Assistant for iPhone and its five best tips and tricks

313Google Assistant is officially available for iOS. The Assistant is a tough rival that challenges Apple’s Siri thanks to the abundant features that it provides. Google Assistant has its own personality and can handle more complicated tasks than Apple’s Siri. However, Google Assistant is now available as a standalone app on iOS, thus preventing it from performing system functions like set an alarm, turn on/off Bluetooth and more.

Despite those limitations, there are a lot of things Google Assistant can do on your iPhone. If you are planning to switch over from Apple’s Siri to Google Assistant, here are some essential tips and tricks so you can get the most out of Google’s virtual helper on your iPhone.

  1. Add the widget

While accessing Apple’s Siri is as easy as pressing and holding the iPhone’s home button, with the Assistant, you will need to take extra step of launching the app from your home screen. Google themselves are aware of that and they create a widget that can be added to your Today View.

To add Google Assistant app to the Today View, you first need to head to Today View, scroll down to the bottom and tap Edit. Once you are in, locate the Google Assistant and hit the plus button next to it. Once you do that, Google Assistant is now added to your Today View. From now on, you simply need to swipe right from the lock screen and hit the mic button.

  1. Type with Assistant

If you don’t want to speak to your personal assistant, Google has a perfect solution for you. You now can type requests to the Assistant instead speaking out loud. This is a great feature especially when you are now in public places.

To talk to Assistant on your iPhone, you simply need to launch the app from your home screen and tap the keyboard button on the left to start typing in a query.

  1. Ask for directions

Google Assistant helps you use Google services better. If you are a big fan of Google Maps on your iPhone, you now can ask the Assistant to show you directions to your desired place. Tapping the Directions button will take you directly to Google Maps app on your iPhone.

Besides, you can easily add home or work location in Google Assistant on your iPhone so the Assistant will let you know the latest traffic updates and directions for your places.

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