Handwriting recognition for iPhone

Chinese developer called “iPhone Cake” developed handwriting recognition for iPhone using HWPen for Latin and Chinese alphabets.

Specifically used for jailbroken iPhones, the application adds an additional button to the keyboard screen, which you could just tap and write on the screen with your fingers. Since the application integrates with native text input of the iPhone, HWPen is available anywhere you normally would use your keyboard. It also works with the auto-complete function of iPhone, so you could start typing a word and hitting the spacebar to choose between spelling suggestions.

The HWPen tries to work with whole words but it usually works better if you have entered one letter at a time. The software is still in beta development but based on the comments at the product page, it causes the iPhone to freeze up, requiring a restart. Another very common problem is that every time you use it, it defaults back to Chinese, meaning you have to press extra buttons in each use.

Download HWPen today using Installer.app. Go to “Sources”, click on “Edit” and “Add” a new source:


Refresh your sources and look for HWPen in the iPhoneCake packages category. Install the software and restart the iPhone. Then you can start using it.

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