Here are five best phone tips and tricks for your iPhone

873Apple iPhone is one of the most desired smartphones out there thanks to its stunning design and compelling features. iPhone strives to improve every year with more features and updates, expanding its usefulness just beyond being able to make calls, FaceTime and send text messages.

If you are now using your iPhone for talking to people on calls, you should know that there are some phone tips and tricks to make your calling experience much better.

In this post, we will walk you through some useful phone tips and tricks for your iPhone. Before we dive in, make sure that you are now running a modern version of iOS.

  1. Disable iPhone calls on other devices

If you are now using the same account on multiple devices, all of them will start ringing when you have got an incoming call on your iPhone. This is pretty annoying, as you have to hear 4 ringtones from different devices at the same time. Luckily, Apple allows you to disable this annoying feature. To do this, you simply head to Settings, select Phone > Calls on other devices and toggle off the switch at the top.

  1. Block numbers

Blocking numbers is pretty simple on your iPhone. To do this, you can head to the Recents list and hit the i button next to the caller’s name. After that, you simply need to tap on Block this caller and confirm your action.

  1. Block spam calls

If you are constantly receiving spam calls on your iPhone, it’s good idea to block them. With iOS 10, you can rely on a third-party app called Truecaller to block spam calls. Here is how you can block spam calls with Truecaller.

Step one: Once you have installed the app, head to Settings and then select Call Blocking & Identification

Step two: You now need tap on the switch next to Truecaller.

Note that make sure that you have already added your phone number to the app’s database before proceeding.

  1. Look up an unknown number

With Truecaller, you can easily look up an unknown caller on your iPhone. To do this, head to the Recents list, then tap on the i icon and select Share Contact. Once you are done, hit the Search Truecaller from the share sheet.

  1. Respond with text

If you cannot accept an incoming call from your friends, you can easily send a quick message to them saying that you are now busy. To do this, you simply need to tap on the Message button from the calling screen and select a message.

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