Here is how you can share your location in Telegram on your iPhone

297Telegram is one of the most popular messaging services out there. Telegram has changed so much, and it is not just restricted to sending and receiving messages, files and audio. Telegram also allows to send GIFs, stickers, channels and even play games right on the app.

If you now have Telegram on iPhone, you will be happy to know that Telegram now lets you share your current location with your friends. This is one of the greatest additions to Telegram, as it helps the messaging service stand in line with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the steps to share your current location in Telegram for iPhone. Before we begin, make sure that you have the latest version of Telegram installed on your device.

Steps to share your location in Telegram for iPhone

Step one: First off, you need to launch Telegram app from your home screen and then head to a conversation in which you want to share your location

Step two: Once you are in, tap on the attachment button located next to the input field and select location

Step three: Next up, if this is the first time you are sharing your location in Telegram, you simply need to tap on Allow button

Step four: Once you are done, you will notice that there is a blue dot at the bottom of the app. If you want to share another location, you simply need to drag that blue dot anywhere on the map

Step five: Tap the Send this location button to send your location (Make sure that the pin is in blue dot)

Once you are done, your location will be sent in your chosen conversation. The coolest part is that the recipient can view your location using another app on their iPhone like Google Maps or Apple Maps.

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Do you want to share your location in Telegram for iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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