How did I permanently bypass the iCloud activation lock?

Well, you all iPhone users once in your lifetime have used the apple’s iCloud backup service for backing up and restoring your iPhone’s data. And like me, some of you also bought a second hand iPhone. Well, if I’m right then most troublesome issues with these second hand iPhone’s is the iCloud credentials error. It has been a lot of pain to my head lately. After researching a lot on the internet and talking to Apple care executives I came to know the real reason behind getting these error messages. The cause of such errors is due to the iCloud credentials still being modified by the parent owner. This means that the parent owner still have the rights to change and remove my iCloud data as he/she had set the iClould credentials by himself/herself, and he/she knew the answers to password resetting.

Also, I came to know that not only people like me who own a second-hand iPhone there are other people who are using brand new iPhones and having more or less similar troubles. The scenario there is, they might’ve forgotten their passwords and not remembering their answers to the secret questions (these secret questions are asked by Apple while you register with them and can be used to reset your password at later stages).

After failing a lot many times following stupid and irritating suggestions posted online I came up to this very nice website called But before going into the details let me explain my story to you so that you won’t face what I’ve been through for getting my iCloud account back.

It took me roughly two months in researching about the best possible way to get my iCloud account back. And you won’t believe that in this period I’ve lost more than $200 of money. Which still freaks me out! How can a person like me be fooled by the several online scams? Anyway, here it goes:

First of all, we start panicking if such a thing as losing your iCloud account happens, because of the data that we’ve saved so far in that account might get compromised. But trust me that anything like this can’t happen because Apple, in turn, locks your entire iPhone. YES! You are reading it right. iPhone 7 and up have this new technology by which you can only access your iPhone if you have the valid credentials of your iCloud account. So, now I have a locked iPhone with a locked iCloud account with me. I’ve started Google-ing about the various iCloud retrieval methods and iPhone unlocking software so that I can get it unlock by myself.

Believe me, if you Google such things you’ll end up wasting your precious time and money altogether. Well, these were some of the search results that I’ve got from my so called researches:

  • Jailbreaking tools
  • Bypassing software
  • net Permanent unlock for your iCloud and iPhone


Here is my experience with all of these:

  1. Jailbreaking Tools

As we all know these tools are good but keeps your iPhone and iCloud data vulnerable to hackers, and puts your computer to hack ware, malware and viruses. There are several websites that even wants you to pay a substantial sum of money to allow download of such programs. As a matter of fact, software based jailbreaking for iOS 7 and up has been not yet successful because of several Apple restrictions. So, I went ahead with such a tool and, believe me; I had to reset my iPhone to get the iPhone and iCloud account activated. But, nothing happened besides the fact that I now have a blank iPhone with nothing on it. This cost me both my important data, time and on top of it a lot of money. I don’t know what went wrong there. But that wasn’t what I was expecting to happen.


  1. Bypassing software and tools

Yes, they exist. But most of them are fake and can cost you a lot of money, and the major drawback with them is, they can only bypass your iCloud activation once or twice and after that either you are back on step one or the iCloud along with your iPhone gets blacklisted by apple leading to getting locked once again.


  1. Permanent unlock for your iCloud and iPhone

Well as a last resort I found this website called At first, I had to remain very cautious because I’ve been cheated more than twice earlier. I firstly read reviews about this website and to my surprise, the site has been rated at 9.5/10 by the users so far. So I thought to get the detailed reviews and read about the success rate of the service iPhoneIMEI is providing. And again I was surprised to know that they have a success rate of 95% as claimed by them. Then the last thing I went ahead for to check the expenses and the cost for the iCloud and iPhone unlock because I didn’t want to take any more risks regarding money. And yet again this website left me with a surprise. These people at iPhoneIMEI offers their unlocking services at a very nominal price.


Then I went ahead with the descriptions and procedure of getting the iCloud activation unlock for my iPhone. There’s any doubt that they have the most user-friendly website UI and the instructions are very easy to understand. Let’s go through the points that make iPhoneIMEI #1


  • Unlike others, iPhoneIMEI is quick. They deliver the unlocks within first 24 hours of your registration.
  • As they have got a massive demand for official unlock for iPhone, iCloud and Smartphones they have a dedicated customer support team that are always available.
  • You can ask anything regarding the activation and the unlock anytime via email. The response time is less than 10 minutes.
  • Money matters to everybody, and, therefore, they offer the activation unlock at the best price, it is roughly 35 USD.
  • They accept payments via PayPal only which is 100% safe, secure and lets you keep your bank details undisclosed. Also, you can ask fir refund if they fail to deliver your unlock in the stipulated time
  • Their money back guarantee is unique. You can claim a refund for your subscription fees if in case the iCloud or your phone gets relocked.
  • Unlike their other competitors, iPhoneIMEI don’t charge you any extra money.
  • They deliver only permanent and official unlocks as these are verified by Apple iCloud servers.


Getting started:

The steps are very simple and basic:

Step one: IMEI number and chose the appropriate iPhone model.

  • In this step, you need to choose your iPhone model and sometimes the iOS version you are using. Also, you need to enter the IMEI number of your iPhone in the space provided.
  • You can get your IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your iPhone. The IMEI number will get displayed on your iPhone screen and simply put it in the space provided.

Step two: Personal and Payment information

  • In this step, you need to enter the payment information that will be via PayPal along with your name and email address so that further communication can be made via this email address of yours.

Step three: Hit the Unlock Now button

  • After the entry of details hit the Unlock Now button and complete the payment. After the successful confirmation of your payment. They’ll revert to your email address within 24 to 72 working hours. By this time, they’ll remove the iCloud account from your iPhone. And you can restart your iPhone and can use it without any restrictions.


  1. I read the reviews for this which were mostly positive. My problem is with the pricing. Their pricing table gives one price, usually 19.99 pounds but when you go for checkout, the invoice is for a higher price, like 29.99 or 39.99 pounds. I wrote to them about this but they never replied. This looks like a bait and switch and I am suspicious.

    • I contacted them for your question and they told me it was a bug on the website and it’s now fixed.

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