How to add 2018 World Cup schedule into Calendar app

There are a few weeks left, the biggest 2018 FIFA World Cup football event will star, with Russia against Saudi Arabia in the opening match. With dozens of matches taking places in different time zones, it is difficult to track kick-off times, and venues. So, subscribing to a calendar of the event is a great good idea. We are going to show you how to add the World Cup schedule to the calendar on your iOS and Mac.

How to bring World Cup schedule on your calendar

There are so many devices that can subscribe to a calendar, which is impossible to show a detailed instruction for each of them. But the concept is the same if you use an iOS, an Android device, a Mac, or a Windows computer. For that reason, we’ are now going to show how to get the World Cup schedule on the calendar app of your iPhone and Mac.

Bring World Cup schedule on your Mac’s calendar

The best way to subscribe to the calendar is doing it directly from your Mac. You can easily set the calendar as an iCloud calendar, which will be synced across your devices. If you use iCloud for your calendars, you won’t need to subscribe to the calendar on all your devices.

  • From your Mac, visit FIFA Football (soccer) World Cup 2018 Russia – Fixture. However, you should note that it is not an official calendar since FIFA doesn’t offer an official iCal feed.
  • Click on Subscribe to Calendar There will be a message prompting “Do you want to allow this page to open” Simply select Allow.
  • The URL will then be automatically populated. Click on Subscribe
  • From there, you can customize this calendar subscription. Here are some examples:
  • Change the calendar’s name
  • Choose a color for the events labels
  • Choose the location of the calendar, either On My Mac or iCloud (if you want the calendar to sync with other Apple devices)
  • You can choose to show or remove event alerts and attachments.
  • Change the auto-refresh rate of the calendar.
  • Ignore alerts or not.

After you have made changes as to your preferences, simply click on OK.

  • You now have the full calendar of the competition on your MacOS.

If you chose iCloud as your location, it will sync across your Apple devices. If not, then read on the next steps.

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Get World Cup schedule on your iOS and other devices

Here are steps to add the calendar of FIFA 2018 World Cup to your iPhone/iPad, or any other mobile device.

  • On your device, go to the FIFA Football (soccer) World Cup 2018 Russia – Fixture and tap on Subscribe to Calendar
  • When you are asked if you want to subscribe to the calendar, simply tap on Subscribe. The calendar will be then added to your device.
  • Open your Calendar app and you will see all the events listed here. All you need is simply tapping on the Calendars button at the bottom. After that, tap the “i” icon beside the FIFA calendar. You can also set the name of the calendar as well as its color.

That’s how you can add the 2018 World Cup schedule into Calendar app on your iPhone/iPad and Mac. If you feel this post useful, let’s know in the comment.

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