How to check your iOS device’s warranty period in Settings


Aside from checking the warranty status for your iPhone/iPad on the official Apple Support app or Apple warranty-check webpage, many iOS users might not know that you can check the warranty status of your iPhone, iPad directly in your device Settings, and we show you how to do so in this post.


The basic information about the warranty status of your iPhone used to be located under the About → Legal section in the Settings app. From here, you will see your legal notices, license as well as RF exposure information.

Starting with iOS 12.2 version, Apple has added a more detailed warranty coverage status through a newly-added entry in each iOS device’s Settings app, like the time of the warranty period remains on your phone. Keep reading this post as we are now going to show you how to use this great feature.

Steps to checking the warranty status of an iOS device

To check how much time remains on your device’s warranty, follow these steps:

1) launch the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad.

2) Tap on General option.

3) Tap General.

4) Select About.

5) Tap on a section between Serial Number and Network, which is “Limited Warranty” or “AppleCare+”, based on whether it’s covered by Apple’s free limited warranty or the extended AppleCare+ coverage service.

You will know whether or not your iOS device is covered by Apple’s standard 1-year warranty or the extended AppleCare+ coverage. Apart from the days left until it expires, the expiration date, you can find other useful links to relevant support documents on Apple’s website.


This is a useful feature if you are planning to sell your device but you cannot remember the purchase date exactly or don’t know whether you added AppleCare for the extended warranty or not. With this simple Settings trick, you can easily know the warranty status of your iOS device just in a few taps, without the need for finding out the shoebox of old receipts.



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