How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

It’s no doubt as Instagram is one of the most popular social applications with millions of active users worldwide. All its features are amazing and in the recent updates, there are also attractive. One of them is that the recently important data of your Instagram account will be stored on your iPhone cache so that it can provide you a quick access to all features of the app. But you should know that not just the Instagram cache is stored but there are also many other apps which cache is also stored on your device. The more cache makes your iPhone get slow and the more difficulties you could face to quickly launch apps. So, it’s essential for you to know how to clear Instagram cache on iPhone.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

In this post, we are going to show you how to remove the large volume of Instagram cache. If your iPhone storage is full, it will definitely affect the overall functioning of your device processing speed. So, cleaning your cache is very important. Here are three ways to clear Instagram cache on your iPhone. All of them are described below.

  1. Uninstall Instagram App

The first method is uninstalling your Instagram app from your iPhone. It sounds absurd, but the action can delete almost the files and cache data of Instagram app. All the documents, as well as other data of this app on your iPhone, will also be deleted and then you will see much of the space is cleared.

Once you uninstall the app, simply launch App Store and quickly reinstall it again to create its new cache data. You should know that your previous cache files have been deleted when uninstalling the app.

  1. Clear Search History

The second method to clear Instagram cache on your iPhone is clearing the search history cache. Simply follow some below steps to do this without the need of uninstalling the app.

  1. First, you need to open your Instagram app and then log in with your password.
  2. When you signed in, simply tap on Profile icon which locates at bottom and tap on Settings icon at top right corner.
  3. You are now in the Settings page, just tap on “Clear Search History” option.

You will then see a popup window on the screen, choose “Yes, I’m sure” to continue the process. It will delete the search history on your Instagram account.

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  1. Use A Third-Party Tool

The last method to delete Instagram caches is using a third-party tool that can quickly clear the cache in no time. If you choose this method, you don’t have to follow anyway, simply install that tool. There are currently several tools available on the internet for clearing cache. You can go to this link to download the app.

Besides choosing Instagram cache tool, you should also consider the iOS version running on your iPhone. After installing the tool, you just read the instructions. Once you clear Instagram cache on your iPhone, you can then delete the tool.


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