How to download iOS 11 public beta on your iPhone and iPad

Apple has finally released the public beta of its latest version of iOS operating system, iOS 11 following a developer preview, which targeted those who enrolled in Apple’s public beta program. The public beta of iOS 11 comes with fixes for bugs found in the developer beta and system improvements.

iOS 11 is a major update to the operating system with hundreds of new features and changes including a completely redesigned Control Center, a persistent Dock, a new Finder-styled Files app, Drag and Drop and much more.

In this tutorial, we will run you through the steps to download iOS 11 public beta on your iPhone and iPad. Before we dive in, keep in mind iOS 11 is still in beta stages, so it may include bugs and glitches. We recommend you install iOS 11 on a secondary device to avoid possible issues.

  1. Steps to back up your iPhone or iPad using iTunes

Before making changes to your device, it’s a good idea to back up your personal data in case something goes wrong during the process.

Step one: First off, you need to connect your iPhone or iPad to a Mac or a Windows PC. Once you are done, you simply need to open iTunes on your computer (Make sure that you now have the latest version of iTunes on your PC)

Step two: Next up, you now need to click on the iPhone or iPad in the menu bar. After that, select This Computer and enable Encrypted backup under the Backups section

Step three: Once you are done, hit the Back Up Now and then click Back up Apps to proceed. After that, open Preferences on your Mac and select the Devices tab

Step four: Now just simply option-click your backup below and select Archive from the pull-down menu.

  1. Steps to download iOS 11 public beta on your iPhone and iPad

Once you have made an archived backup of your device, the next step is to download the public beta on your device. Before proceeding, note that iOS 11 is only compatible with iPhone models with 64-bit predecessors. (iPhone 5s or newer).

Step one: First off, open your web browser and visit the Apple Beta Software Program website. Once you are in, sign in using your Apple ID and then agree to terms and conditions

Step two: Once you are done, select Download Profile and follow the on-screen instructions to install the profile on your iPhone

Step three: On the next screen, select Download and Install to get the iOS 11 public beta.

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