How to enable Dark Mode on your iPhone running iOS 11

iPhone and iPad owners have been dying for a dark mode feature. Apple is fully aware of that and the company is finally bringing the taste of dark mode to its mobile operating system. iOS 11 introduces a new handy feature called Smart Invert Colors. Basically, Smart Invert is not a true dark mode we have been wishing for in recent years, but it will satisfy users’ dark mode needs until an official feature is released.

Unlike Apple’s old invert colors, an Accessibility feature that inverts all colors on an iPhone’s display for visually impaired users, Smart Invert only reverses the colors of your iPhone’s display, meaning that the rest of content remains the same.

Smart Invert is not obvious to many folks, as it is hidden under the Settings. With that in mind that, we believe that we can help you out.

In this guide, we will go through the steps to enable dark mode on your iPhone. Before proceeding with our step-by-step instructions, note that Smart Invert is only available in iOS 11, which is now available in a developer beta. So, make sure that your iPhone is now running iOS 11 beta.

How to turn on Dark Mode on your iPhone running iOS 11

  1. How to enable Smart Invert feature in iOS 11

Step one: First off, you need to launch the Settings app from your iPhone’s home screen. After that, scroll down a little bit and tap on General

Step two: From the General page, make sure that you tap on Accessibility and then hit Display Accommodations

Step three: From here, tap on Invert Colors option at the top of the screen and turn on the switch for Smart Invert. Once you are done, what you will get is a dark user interface with images, graphics, and app icons remaining the same.

  1. How to add Smart Invert shortcuts to Control Center

In iOS 11, Apple has completely redesigned the Control Center, making it more customizable and intuitive. You now can add more shortcuts to your Control Center in iOS 11 for quick access. In this case, you can quickly turn on or off Smart Invert in the Control Center in iOS 11.

Step one: Launch the Settings app from your home screen and then hit General

Step two: Scroll down a little bit and tap on Accessibility. On the next screen, select Accessibility Shortcut at the bottom and hit Smart Invert Colors option. You will see a blue tick on the left of the option, indicating that the shortcut has been added to Control Center.

From now on, all you need to do is triple click the home button to bring up the Smart Invert menu and select Smart Invert. Alternatively, you can perform a 3D Touch firm press on the Accessibility shortcut in the Control Center to get the same menu.

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