How To Fix 1Password Synchronization Problem

If you usually use 1Password app on your Mac, you will love its features when you create unique, and strong passwords for every account that you need to manage on your Mac. Unique passwords make it unlikely that a single breach at which you get an account, would allow attackers to leverage information to sign into your account without your permission.

However, there’s a problem seen on 1Password software. It often disconnection with a syncing archive. 1Password comes with a few methods to keep vaults in sync. I know many of you here use the to vault for everything, which allows you to get access to your passwords directly from the app web browser, and from endpoints, like an iPhone.

There is also an option to sync through Dropbox, which supports platforms; iCloud, for Apple devices; or even through Wi-Fi over your local network. If you opt out Dropbox and iCloud, 1Password will store its protected vault in a special sort of file and then put in a standard location. With Dropbox, it’s Apps > 1Password.

However, if you find out that you’re out of date with synchronization, you can open 1Password in your iOS or macOS device.

If you use iOS, follow these below steps:

  1. Open 1Password app, tap on SettingsSync.
  2. The display will then show up Primary and Dropbox. Tap your preferred field.
  3. The Primary Vault should show Dropbox. Simply tap on Sync Now.
  4. If the sync is successful, you’ll see a display of the last sync at the bottom of the screen. But, in case it fails, tap on the Sync Service
  5. Select Change Dropbox.
  6. You will be prompted to disable sync to relink. Just tap on Disable Sync.
  7. From Sync with Dropbox field, select your account name. (If you don’t see it, link your account to Dropbox, but it requires you to install the Dropbox app on your phone, as you need to use it for granting permission to 1Password.)
  8. When you are in Choose a Vault screen, the main vault will be listed as apps/1Password/1Password.opvault options. Tap on that vault.
  9. You may be asked to approve a Dropbox connection with the Dropbox account. Just tap on Allow.
  10. It will then redirect to the main Settings view. Do the step 1 and 2 again and check if the sync is now up to date.

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If you do on your Mac, the process is even a bit easier, as you don’t need to grant permissions. To do so:

  1. Choose 1PasswordPreference > Sync.
  2. The Sync Primary Vault will be set to Dropbox.
  3. Under this option, you can see a file path, which is your account > Dropbox > Apps > 1Password and choose opvault. There is a Last Synced status showing the time of the last sync. If the sync is not recent, you should choose None in the popup.
  4. Now, click on Disable Sync, remember not to check Delete Data from Dropbox.
  5. Next, select Dropbox again in the popup menu.
  6. When the dialog box appears, click on the Choose button to choose your Dropbox folder, and then head to the folder including your existing vault.
  7. The Dropbox Sync screen will now show Merge with Existing option. Simply click on it.
  8. Last Synced should now read “a second ago” or a recent message.

Here is how you can fix 1Password synchronization problem. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment.

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