How To Fix Cannot Install App On iPhone X

“Cannot install apps” is a quite common problem happening with on iPhone X users. Although the screen says, “Double Click to Install”, you don’t see a clue to tap on. If you are in the same trouble, then in this post, we’ll show you how to install apps on your iPhone X and what steps you should do when the problem appears.

When Does “Double Click to Install” Appear?

When your iPhone says “Double Click to Install”, all you need is double-clicking on “Side” button. This will then activate Face ID to confirm the app’s installation. However, many iPhone X users were confused since the message doesn’t guide where to tap.

How To Fix Cannot Install App On iPhone X

Method 1: Force Close & Relaunch App Store

It might be that you’re not able to install apps on your iPhone X since the App Store is suffering from a glitch. Just by closing the App Store and reopening it, it will have another chance to work normally the next time.

To do it, open the app switcher by swiping from the bottom to the center. Next, hold the finger on the display’s center until you see a menu on your device.

To force close the App Store, simply swipe up the app and off. If the App Store no longer appears in the app switcher, it means the App Store is closed.

Method 2: Turn Off Airplane Mode

If your iPhone X is in Airplane Mode, you will not be able to install any app since your device is not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. To disable Airplane Mode, simply go to the Settings app and toggle the switch next to the Airplane Mode.

Alternatively, you can just utilize Cellular Data to download apps less than 150 MB in size. You can check the size of an application by tapping on it inside the App Store and then scrolling down to tap on its “Information” data.

Method 3: Check iPhone X Restrictions

If you have restrictions enabled on your iPhone X, you might accidentally turn off the ability to apps on your device. So, open the Settings, tap on “General” > “Restrictions” to disable restrictions on the device. After that, scroll down and make sure the toggle near “Installing Apps” is already enabled.

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Method 4: Reset All Settings

If you are not still able to install apps on iPhone X, there could be a bigger software bug causing the problem. Often, the issues related to software can be easily fixed by resetting each setting on your iPhone X and then restoring it to the initial state.

But before you perform a reset, make sure that you have Wi-Fi password handy that you’ve used in the past. You will have to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network again after the reset is completed.


Once done, open the Settings app and then tap on General –> Reset –> Reset All Settings. Next, type in the passcode of your iPhone, and tap on “Reset All Settings” after the confirmation alert displays on the screen. Your iPhone will then restart after resetting all settings on your phone.


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