How to Fix iMessage Syncing Issues

iOS 11 might be the worst iOS version as it comes with a range of problems. One of them is the iMessage syncing issue in iOS 11.4.1. If you are in the same troubles, in this post, we’ll help you fix the iMessage syncing problem your iOS device and Mac. Two of the most common problems with iMessage is syncing new messages and reading messages across your devices.

Set Up iMessage Correctly

The most common issue that prevents iMessage from syncing correctly is iMessage not being correctly set up. iMessage will sync with all your Apple devices that are connected to the same Apple ID and it’s turned on in the settings. All you need is simply to follow these steps below to set up iMessage. To do so:

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and/or iPad.
  • Tap on Messages option
  • Choose Send & Receive.

But ensure your email address displays at the top near your Apple ID. If not, just tap on this and then log in your Apple ID. Additionally, your main phone number must be selected under the Start New Conversations From section.

Do it on all your iPhones/iPads. This is what you have to do if you want to send and receive iMessages among all of your Apple devices.

To set up iMessage on your Mac, just do these simple steps

  • Launch the Messages app on your Mac.
  • Click on Messages from the menu bar in the top-left corner and click on Preferences (or press Cmd + comma keys).
  • Now, select Accounts tab and you will see your Apple ID email in the sidebar. If not, just click on the + icon to add your Apple ID.
  • Once added, click on it and you will see similar settings on your iOS device.
  • From the Preferences pane, scroll down to bottom and make sure your phone number is selected from the menu under Start new conversations from

You are now good to go. From now, any iMessages you receive on your iPhone/iPad will also display on your Mac. But, if you’re still having problems, you should try the quick fix below.

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Switch Off iMessage & Turn It Back On

Even when iMessage is set up correctly, but the syncing issues still happen, you can try this quick fix for the issues. This will basically reset iMessage, which is similar to turning it off and back it on.

If you’re just disabling iMessage on all your iPhone/iPad and Mac devices that have iMessage, then you should re-enable it on each device at a time.

To do so on your iPhone/iPad, head to Settings > Messages and turn it off. Open up Messages app and click on Messages > Preferences > Accounts on your Mac. From there, untick on Enable this account option and close Messages app.

Now, on your iOS devices, re-enable iMessage, and do the same thing on your Mac. Wait for a few minutes for your devices to sync with each other and iMessage is also ready to go.

Turn On Messages in iCloud

From iOS 11.4, there is a new feature that can help you fix iMessage syncing problems. This feature also helps in freeing up storage on your iOS devices by saving messages in iCloud.

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