How To Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

Many of us store consume different types of media on a daily use. When watching a video or listen to music, plugging a headphone is necessary. While the volume can be directly controlled by the volume buttons, unfortunately, some users said that their iPhone was stuck in headphone mode after they listened to music.

They could not able to adjust their phone’s volume, though headphones are already unplugged, which could be very frustrating. If you are in the same trouble, this post today hopefully help you solve this problem.

How To Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

The easiest method to get rid of the problem is ruling out software first. Sometimes, bugs within iOS can prevent your device from working properly. Your iPhone may not recognize that you have already disconnected your headphones jack from your device. The problem is also caused by both wired and wireless sets.

Reboot your device

One of the quickest ways to get rid of software bugs is powering off the device and then turning it back on. Sometimes, power cycling your iPhone can be a reliable way to fix random issues.

To reboot your iPhone, simply follow the below step:

If your iPhone is running iOS 11 version or later, go to Settings > General, and scroll down to choose “Shut Down” at the very bottom Now, tap on Shut Down to turn your device off.

This process will take 20 seconds, which is completely normal. As usual, you can restart your device just with the help of the power button.

Reboot using the power button

All you need is simply to press & hold the Sleep/Wake button for 5 seconds until you see Slide to Power offline. All you need is swiping on it to power your iPhone off. The process also takes you 20 seconds.

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Clear your phone’s RAM

Your iPhone can act up due to being stuck in a background process. Although iOS is very famous for managing itself, problems can sometimes still happen.

Clearing your device’s RAM will eliminate many active processes, which can hamper performance. You should have this option a try if your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode. To do so

  • Hold down the power button for about 5 seconds until the power off slider appears.
  • Hold down the home button (Volume down button) until your phone returns to the home screen

When it goes back successfully, it means your iPhone has successfully cleared the RAM. You should note that this process won’t harm any data on your iPhone. If there are apps running before doing so, you can then verify success by opening an active app again. iOS will automatically refresh the app’s content.

Hardware problems can also be the culprit if your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode. Things like dirt, fuzz, and other debris might become impacted within the port, which fools your device into thinking a connector inserted. The best way to clean out your headphone port is using a toothpick.


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