How to hide Apple Music in MacOS Catalina

In MacOS Catalina version, iTunes is split up into three distinct apps, including Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. And if you don’t subscribe to Apple Music, or at least you don’t like to use it on your Mac computer, you might wonder whether Apple has taken the chance to shove Apple Music into nook and cranny in Music app.

Fortunately, although Apple Music is more prominent than it was in iTunes, you might not be compelled to use it in the app. You can easily hide Apple Music sections inside the app, For You, Browse, and Radio, you can only see library navigation and playlists in the sidebar. Here is how to hide Apple Music in MacOS Catalina.

Steps to hide Apple Music in Music app on Mac

Hiding Apple Music in Music just requires you to do a few steps in the app’s settings panel. To do so

  1. Launch Music on your Mac running MacOS Catalina
  2. Click on Music from the Menu bar.
  3. Click on Preferences… > Restrictions
  4. Select the checkbox near Apple Music in the Disable
  5. Click on OK and the Apple Music sections, For You, Browse, and Radio will automatically disappear from the sidebar and you are not able to access

However, in the macOS Catalina beta version, turning off Apple Music in the Music app will not prevent you from using it. You can still access your favorite tracks and albums that you have previously added to your library, and any Music playlists created or to which you are subscribed. This is because your iTunes account still includes Apple Music.

Steps to show the iTunes Store in the Music app on Mac

By default, you will not see the Music app in the iTunes Music Store in macOS Catalina, even if you have subscribed to Apple Music. However, if you’ve decided to hide Apple Music, or even discontinue your subscription, you can still receive new music in the iTunes Store. All you need is to reveal it first. To do so

  1. Launch Music on your Mac.
  2. Click onView.
  3. ChooseShow iTunes Store.

That’s it. The iTunes Store will now show up in the sidebar of Music in both your library and playlists. You can visit the store at your leisure.


The music store, previously stuck to a white background no matter which theme was used on your Mac, now comes with the new dark theme to match the new system.


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