How to hide recent apps in the Dock on macOS Mojave

MacOS Mojave 10.14 comes with a new Recents feature in the Dock. By default, you can get to a recently-used app just by a click. Fortunately, you can hide this section at any time with the ease when you want your Dock to appear to be less crowded. Here is how to do that.

Details of the Dock

You might see that there is a horizontal line near the right side of your Dock. We can call it the separator. In older Mac versions, before the latest macOS Mojave 10.14 software, the Dock was divided into two distinct sections.

First of all, you can see your choice of app shortcuts on the left of the separator. macOS automatically adds open apps, which are not already in the Dock to the end of the section. On the right section, it includes your Trash and Downloads icons, as well as files or folders you drag there.

The MacOS Mojave version adds a third section placed between app shortcuts and your Trash folder along with other items. This is the place that you have recently opened apps which are shown, as long as they aren’t already in the Dock.

The Recents section will adapt dynamically to accommodate the open apps that are not found in the Dock, but they never show up more than the three recently-used apps. However, you are not able to manually delete icons from Recents as the section is dynamically updated when you open and quit apps.

If you have been using MacOS for years, you might feel that the Recents is an unnecessary space. If you want to keep your Dock loaded with important apps for your work and have them in reach at all times. But it depends on the workflow. If you don’t consider about quickly returning to a recently-closed app, or find a distraction, simply follow the steps to disable it.

How to hide recent apps in the Dock of your Mac

Here’s how you can disable Recents in the Dock of your Mac

1) Select System Preferences option from the Apple menu.

2) Click the Dock icon

3) Toggle the Dock Recents on or off just by ticking or unticking the box near “Show recent applications in the Dock”. The primary reason, that many Mac users want to disable Recents is de-cluttering the desktop and making the Dock a bit roomier.

That is how you make the Dock work better for you.

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How’s your Dock?

Disabling Recents will extend the collections of your app icons a bit. You will get additional space previously occupied by at least three icons in Recents. The question here is what’s important to you: returning to a recent app with a click or getting a Dock that can accommodate more apps?

Although we are at it, what do you think about the Recents feature? Is this something that you’d like to enable and use regularly or disable completely? Let us know in the comments below!

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