How To Install and Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Do you usually use WhatsApp to communicate with your family and friends? However, have you ever wished to communicate with multiple WhatsApp accounts just by using one iPhone? If you feel this topic interested, then this post today will show you how to do that, and you don’t even have to jailbreak your iPhone to do this.

If you are jealous with your friend who is using an Android phone and can enjoy this feature, then you can now do it on your iPhone. Although there are various restrictions on iOS devices, you can now install multiple WhatsApp accounts on your phone without the need of jailbreak. So, let’s now find out how to install and run multiple WhatsApp accounts on your non-jailbreak iPhone.

How to Install & Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on iPhone

To get started, you’ll need first to download and install the WhatsApp app from the App Store. If you already have done it on your iPhone, then you can skip this step and directly move to the next step.

Step 1: Launch your Safari web browser on your phone and then visit this URL:

Step 2: Once you are on the page, simply tap on the Download button to install TuTuApp app on your iPhone. The installation process will start as soon as you tap the blue Install icon. When the installation is completed, don’t open the app. Instead, you need to launch the Settings app, and tap on General > Profile & Device management. After that, you need to trust the â€?Chinasoft Resource Corporation’ certificate.

Step 3: Now, return to the home screen to open TuTuApp app on your iPhone and search for WhatsApp++ app.  When the result appears, you will see a WhatsApp icon on the screen and below the icon, there will be a green colored button. All you need to do is just tapping on that download button to download the second WhatsApp app on your device.

When the download is successful, you will be asked to give a permission to install the app on your iPhone. To start the installation process, just tap on it and the download begins automatically.

Once you have successfully completed all above steps, your iPhone is now ready to run dual WhatsApp accounts. You will also need to activate your second WhatsApp account. To do so, you must follow the on-screen activation process.

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Step 4: Now, launch WhatsApp++ on your iDevice and enter the information for your second WhatsApp account.

But make sure your secondary phone number has never been registered for the activation purpose.

WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular chat message apps and its popularity comes from ease of use as well as amazing features. If you are a fan of WhatsApp, we hope above steps can help you use the messaging app to the fullest by using dual WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone without the jailbreak. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below

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