How to recover forgotten Screen Time passcode on iPhone/iPad

A passcode used for restrictions to set up with Screen Time tool can keep settings safe. It’s useful for parents who don’t want their kids to access certain apps or limit screen time. But, what happens if you forget the Screen passcode?

Unfortunately, in fact, resetting the Screen Time passcode isn’t as easy as some usually say. The common solution is resetting the device and then setting it up as new since restoring it from a backup cannot reset the passcode. However, it’s not an ideal solution for most people.

Fortunately, there is now a way to recover the passcode. Here’s how to recover a forgotten Screen Time passcode on your iPhone/iPad.

Get Pinfinder

Pinfinder is a free tool, but it’s effective to recover the passcode. It was more common since wiping a phone and starting from scratch isn’t the ideal way to resolve the forgotten passcode issue.

Pinfinder features:

  • Uses an iTunes backup to find the passcode
  • Works well on Windows, Mac, and even Linux platforms
  • Already tested on iOS 12
  • Will not transmit your data
  •  Completely free to use

How to use Pinfinder on Mac

If you want to give Pinfinder a try, it’s not difficult to use. Here’s how you can recover the Screen Time passcode on Mac. For Windows and Linux platforms, the steps are slightly different, so you can visit the Pinfinder website for further assistance. To use Pinfinder

  • Launch iTunes and then make a backup of your device to your computer. If your phone is running on iOS 12, you will be asked to set a password for encrypting the backup.
  • Next, download Pinfinder for Mac
  • Double-click it or right-click and choose Open.
  • There will be a command from Pinfinder in a Terminal window. When you are prompted, just enter the password that you set for the encryption.

Wait for one or two minutes and you’ll see the Screen Time passcode in the Terminal window. Simply hit Enter to quit and close the Terminal window.

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Fix trouble?

There is a note on the Pinfinder site, saying that:

“If you are using Mac OS Mojave (10.14) you need to allow terminal programs to access the backup data created by iTunes.”

To let Terminal access the backup data created by iTunes on your Mac running MacOS Mojave, simply follow these steps below.

1) Click on Apple icon on your Mac and choose System Preferences.

2) Choose Security & Privacy and head to Privacy tab.

3) Click on Full Disk Access from the left menu

4) Click on the plus sign and then browse for Terminal in Applications > Utilities to add it to the list.

Note: You may need to enter your system password with the lock icon on the bottom left to make the change.

After you have allowed the access to your Terminal programs, simply run Pinfinder again by following the steps above and you will see it work fine.

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