How to recover recently deleted files in your iCloud Drive

Whether you are storing many items in iCloud Drive or only a few ones, it’s likely that you need to delete something. However, what to do if you accidentally realize that you have already deleted the wrong items? You can then see and recover recently deleted files in your iCloud Drive. In this post, we’ll show you how to do it.

Recover deleted files in iCloud Drive on

To know what you’ve already deleted from iCloud Drive, just launch the browser on your computer and visit You can also get access to directly from your iPhone/iPad.

1) Click on iCloud Drive.

2) At the bottom right corner, you can see Recently Deleted along with the number of items. Simply click on that link.


3) On the next screen, there will be a variety of options for the deleted files.

Steps to recover recently deleted files

There are a few options to recover your deleted files in iCloud Drive.

  • To recover an item, choose it and click on Recover menu on the top.
  • To get back multiple items, hold the Command button, choose them and click on each one. Next, select Recover from the top.

  • Click on Recover All button from the top to recover all items.

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Permanently remove files

You can also delete items permanently just by choosing one of the above methods and choose Delete or Delete All options.

View recently deleted files

There is also an option for you to view information about a file. Simply choose it and click on the Info icon at the top right corner of the screen. In a popup window, you can see things such as the name of an item, file size, iCloud Drive location, as well as the last modified date.

However, you cannot view an item’s contents when clicking on it, even though it’s clickable. You need to recover the file to open and see it.

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