How to remove the iOS 12 beta from your iPhone/iPad

You have recently updated your iPhone/iPad to iOS 12 version for daily use, but the experience has not been as good as the stable version. You want to return to the public iOS 11.4 version to stay away from bugs of iOS 12. No problem! All you need is booting your iPhone/iPad into recovery mode and re-installing the backup you made before installing the iOS 12 beta version. Here is an instruction to hop off the iOS 12 testing train.

But before jumping ship, leave a few minutes to report the bugs you’ve experienced with iOS 12 version. Apple would be able to fix bugs or errors of iOS 12 in the later updates. To report bugs or errors, you can use the Feedback app.

Step 1: Recovery mode

Once you connected your iPhone or iPad and your computer with iTunes and archived backup. The first step you need to do to remove the iOS 12 beta is putting your device into recovery mode.

On iPhone X, iPhone 8, or 8 Plus: Press and quickly release the volume up button. Do the same with volume down button. Next, press the Power button until you see a “connect to iTunes” screen.

On iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Simply press and hold the Power + volume down buttons at the same time. When you see an Apple logo, still keep holding the buttons until see the “connect to iTunes” screen, that time, release the buttons.

iPhone 6s or earlier, all iPad models: Press and hold the Power + Home button at the same time. You will still see an Apple logo, but keep holding them. Once you see the “connect to iTunes” screen, you can go of the buttons.

Step 2: Restore your backup

Once your device is in recovery mode, prepare your Lightning cable and then connect your device to the computer that has iTunes installed and your iOS 11.4 backup you made before installing the iOS 12 beta.

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iTunes should now automatically open up and will prompt you that it has discovered an iPhone or iPad in recovery mode. All you need is clicking on the “Restore” option and then wait for the process to complete. It can take you 20-30 minutes.

When the restore process is done, your phone will automatically reboot into the setup mode, just as if it is out of box. You can now choose to restore your backup (or set it up as new, if you prefer).

If you forgot to back up your iPhone before installing the iOS 12 beta, the process will restore your phone to iOS 11.4 version, the restore process will download and install the latest public version. However, you will have to set up your phone from the scratch, re-download all your apps and data, including music, photos, app data, and so on. Anything that was not stored in the cloud will also be lost, so keep on mind that.


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