How To Send Large Video Files Over Internet

You have an interesting video or a video of a memorable occasion, and you want to share it with your friends and you choose to send large video files. That tine, WhatsApp, Facebook or email will be the ideal solutions.

But what if the video file is too large that can be sent through these platforms? So this post today will share you a few methods to send the large video files over the internet without any fee.

How To Send Large Video Files Over Internet

There are dozens of ways to send the large video files over the internet and almost them work in the same way. Here are the typical ways to send large video files over the internet.

  1. File Compression

This is a traditional method, but it’s one of the easiest solutions to send large video files over the internet. All you need is using a compression software. We recommend you to use 7-Zip File Compression Software. Simply put the large video files into a folder and compress it using the 7-Zip tool.

The 7-zip format is a more efficient format when compressing the file than conventional ZIP format. If the file size is about 100MB, it can efficiently be compressed to 12MB. So, you can send the large video file through email just by compressing the video file and then attaching it to email.

Most operating systems allow extracting ZIP files without any additional software. The 7-ZIP software is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

  1. Use Google Drive

Gmail lets users send the large file attachments to 25MB in size. Google Drive is simply understood as a Google’s cloud storage service, which offers 15GB free space for storing files and then users can share them with anyone via a shareable link. You can allow either modification capabilities or only readability capabilities for the recipient just by a few clicks. The method is currently one of the most convenient and popular ways to send large video files over the internet.

  1. Use Mediafire

Mediafire is a cloud sharing rather than cloud storage. It gives provide better controls in file sharing options. When signing up a free account, you will have up to 10GB of storage. If you choose a paid subscription, it will allow more advanced controls over file sharing, as well as offer 1TB of storage.

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  1. Use Box

The Box is more of a cloud storage management service than cloud sharing service. Box service works well with Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and even Windows phone devices. It comes with a greater control over content sharing with the recipient. For a free account signup, you will get 5GB of free storage, but you can then expand the storage by upgrading to Business/Enterprise versions if you want to send larger files through email for free.

  1. Send Anywhere

It is a cross-platform sharing cloud service, which allows sharing files up to 1TB without any restrictions. The file storage is currently available as a web app, as an extension for Chrome, as an Android or iOS app. There is also a software for Windows, macOS, Linux.

Here are five common ways to send the large video file over the internet for free. If you know other free services, let’s know in the comment below.

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