How to unlock EE iPhone (UK) with IMEI based method?

Last update: 5 Nov, 2020 (We tested and it’s still working)

No matter what did you read before about unlocking an iPhone from EE UK carrier, there are a lot of information on the internet and not all of them are exactly what you need. But this is the only thing you have to read to know about unlocking your iPhone 12 Pro/Max/Mini, 11 Pro/Max, XS / XS Max, X, XR, SE 2020… no matter what the iPhone model is, it will work with even the newest iPhone or iOS version.

But first, you have to know how does it work! There are some common methods like: Using Gevey SIM to cheat the iPhone, Hardware intervention… but those methods are not safe and they’re not the way we should go to unlock our iPhone! Here I’m talking about the “Official EE UK iPhone Unlock” which will update your IMEI status from SIM-locked to SIM-unlocked in Apple activation and carrier database.

How to unlock an iPhone from EE UK network?

Here is some simple steps to unlock your iPhone from EE network

  1. Get your IMEI number: Go to Settings -> General -> About -> Scroll down to see the IMEI number, or simply dialing *#06#. If the iPhone isn’t actived yet, you need to go to the first activation screen and tap to the little “i” button
  2. Go to
  3. Scroll down and select your iPhone model, then you’ll be asked for providing IMEI number, insert your IMEI number from the first step there and click “Check Unlock price”
  4. Take a look to the price and click “Buy now”, provide your email address to receive the unlocking status update. Finally complete your payment via Nochex
  5. Now it’s almost done! You don’t have to do anything else now! Just simply wait, you’ll be instantly received a confirmation email from and another email will come after a few days to let you know that your iPhone is factory unlocked!
  6. Once the iPhone is unlocked from Official iPhone unlock. Now just connect it to a Wifi network or plug your iPhone to a computer which installed Apple iTunes, you’ll see a message: “Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked” like the image below


Some questions relating to EE iPhone unlock

  1. “Will I be refunded if the unlock didn’t work?”: Actually there will be no failure but the answer for this question is: Yes, you will be received a full refund if the unlock didn’t work
  2. “How long does it take to unlock my EE iPhone?”: Normally it’ll take about 1-5 working days (Not including Saturday and Sunday)
  3. “How can I trust this?”: It’s obviously up to you but is the largest company in the unlocking market and they’ve been leading the market from 2007 till now

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