How to Use Screen Time in iOS 12 

One of the biggest highlights of iOS 12 version is the superior “Parental Controls.” With the addition of “Screen Time”, controlling the device and app is now more convenient. You can easily keep track of how much time you use your iPhone/iPad. From there, you can restrict explicit contents using Screen Time in iOS 12. Here is how you can use Screen Time feature in IOS 12 version on your iPhone/iPad.

How to Use Screen Time in iOS 12

Screen Time will send you a weekly report about your device’s usage and the set time limits; according to the apps you want to have better control. If you have already set it up as a parent, there will be reports for the screen time of your kid. You will then be able to make restrictions on apps, content, and privacy.

How to Turn on Screen Time Feature

Screen Time by default is already turned on, but if you had previously disabled it, you could always re-enable it. To do so

Step 1: Open Settings app and tap on the Screen Time option.

Step 2: Tap on Turn On Screen Time.

Step 3: There are now two options:

  • Set it as a parent
  • Continue as a general user

Step 4: Tap on Continue.

How to Use Screen Time Passcode

You can also set Screen Time passcode to stop others from making any changes to the Screen Time settings.

Step 1: Tap on Use Screen Time Passcode.

Step 2: Type in a new Passcode and confirm your choice.

How to Enable Downtime in iOS 12

Downtime is an impressive feature that allows you to set a schedule from the screen. Once it’s enabled, the apps you selected and phone calls will be available for use. However, you should keep in mind that Downtime will automatically come into action on all iOS 12 devices synced with the same Apple ID account.

Step 1: Open Settings app and tap on the Screen Time.

Step 2: Tap on Downtime and enter your Screen Time Passcode.

Step 3: Toggle Downtime to On

Step 4: Tap on Start, then set the time. Once done, tap on End and set your preferred time.

While Downtime is enabled, the home screen will get a bit dim, and the selected apps will then be highlighted. When tapping an app to open it, there will be a “Time Limit Reached” popup appearing.

You can ignore the restriction just by tapping on Ignore Limit. You will then need to set a reminder in 15 minutes or ignore the limit for the day. As soon as Downtime is completed, your screen will return to its normal look and brighten up again and you can also re-access your apps.

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How to Enable Content & Privacy Restriction

You can also customize content as well as privacy restriction to block unwanted content. To do so

Step 1: Open Settings app and tap on Screen Time.

Step 2: Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions and then enter your Screen Time Passcode.

Step 3: Toggle Content & Privacy to On

You can also make other changes based on your needs. Besides, there is also an option to prevent your kid from making any changes like “do not disturb while driving feature”.

Here is how to use screen time feature in iOS 12 version. Let’s know your thought in the comment below.

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