Hundreds of Japanese Queued for a new iPad

At the Apple Store in the shopping district Ginza, hundreds lined up before the store opened at 8 am. Many people in the queue are “veterans” of previous openings of Apple, and the event itself was a carnival atmosphere.

The first, which scooped up the new tablet was Rayo Watanabe, student. He bought a Wi-Fi version with 16GB. Watanabe said he waited 36 hours in front of the store to secure a place on the first line after the last year was 14th in the list to purchase the iPad 2.

“I am very excited that I’m first” he said. – “I’m not a big fan of Apple as a company, but like its products”.

The implementation of pre-orders in Japan and the world via online Apple store will take 2 to 3 weeks, the company said. But also said they has retained a large number of devices for consumers who have queued for the day of release.

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