Increasing number of complaints of the new iPad overheating

It seems that the new tablet iPad, which Apple released on sale on March 16, proved to be “hot” in every sense of the word – they are not only buying like hotcakes, but strongly overheated. Since last complain more “happy” owners of the new device, which lively debate issues in various forums on the Internet.

Resource SlashGear, who reported complaints of the owners of the new offspring of the American company has also faced the problem of overheating during testing of the third generation iPad. It is noted that the lower left corner of the tablet gets very hot when the device performs tasks that require large load on the GPU. In particular, this occurs during playback of video resolution Full HD. The model, however, is heated and the use of modems and 3G LTE, and if it has long been a charge.

Moreover, the overheating of the tablet is not surprising. It is equipped with a powerful quad-GPU and high capacity battery, which are required to run the Retina display with high resolution. Most likely, Apple has taken note of these minor details. It can not be said that the company has managed to solve the problem. At the same time each user has their own criteria for how to heat up his tablet at work. What in some discomfort, not concern for others.

Response to consumer complaints by Apple so far gone.

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