Instagram quietly launches in-app payments feature for commerce

Instagram is currently the number one photo-sharing service out there. Facebook has been releasing updates to Instagram on a regular basis in an attempt to offer a better users experience. Instagram now has nearly 800 million active users worldwide and will soon join the one billion club. Facebook-owned service is showing its upper hand over its main competitor, Snapchat.

Instagram has recently debuted an in-app payments feature, allowing users to quickly make purchases directly inside the app, eliminating the need to switch between apps. According to Instagram, users will be able to add their credit/debit card to their account for making payments. All of your card details will be protected by a PIN that’s only accessible to you.

The photo-sharing service has been working on an in-app payments functionality for months. However, the release still comes as a surprise on the market. An in-app payments feature is a great addition to Instagram, as it helps expand its presence in other areas. According to Instagram, the feature is now in early stages, so it may include errors. The company says that users can use the feature to book their reservations at restaurants or salons. However, restaurants supported are still limited to the company’s long-term partners.

Instagram’s move aims to enhance its commerce capabilities, bringing the photo-sharing service closer to retailers worldwide. Sources say that Instagram has been in talks with a number of retailers and developers worldwide to widen the list of partners. Instagram says that users now can use Resy to book their dinner reservations.

For some background, Resy is one of the leading apps that allow you to book your place at the finest restaurants worldwide. Sources say that Instagram is testing the ability to book movie tickets inside the app. If this is the case, users will be able to make payments for their movie tickets while browsing Instagram.

Last year, Instagram announced that the company was testing a booking feature that would come into Instagram in future updates. However, there was no mention about an in-app payments service.

In-app payments service is not something new out there as we have already seen some similar features out there. However, this is the first time we are seeing a social network adopt this feature.

At this year’s F8 event, Instagram received a bunch of new features. One such feature lies in the ability to make video calls. Users will be able to make video chat with their friends. All it takes is a simple tap of the video icon at the top right corner. Other features include AR camera effects, app integration, and a revamped Explore page.

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