iOS 11 beta 3 and its three new features

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple officially introduced iOS 11, the next-generation version of iOS. iOS 11 takes the best of iOS 10 while removing a lot of things we have been accustomed to. Apple has recently released the third beta of iOS 11 with a lot of much-needed fixes for the issues found the first two betas.

Aside from bug fixes, iOS 11 beta 3 introduces some new features and new ways to interact with apps on your iPhone and iPad. To help you get the most out of the third beta of iOS 11, we have compiled a list of three new features and changes.

Before we begin, keep in mind that iOS 11 is still in beta stages and therefore likely to have bugs and errors. Apple recommends you install iOS 11 on a secondary device rather than your primary device.

  1. Swipe up to close apps (iPad only)

In iOS 11, Apple poured a lot of love into its iPad, which was previously ignored in iOS 10. Apple’s new version of iOS adds a lot of exciting things to the iPad ranging from a persistent Dock to Drag and Drop and a new Files app.

There is also a new App Switcher that is similar to Mission Control on a Mac, allowing you to see everything you are working on. In iOS 11, you can swipe up on any app from the App Switcher to quit it, eliminating the need to tap and hold the app, and then hit the Close button.

  1. Smarter Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

In iOS 11 beta 3, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth behavior has been significantly improved, making it much easier to connect to a network. From now on, when you tap on the Wi-Fi toggle, it disables the Wi-Fi feature temporarily on your iPhone and iPad. This prevents you from connecting to the current Wi-Fi network. When you tap on the toggle again, your iPhone and iPad will connect to your preferred network.

  1. Much-improved Safari

iOS 11 beta 3 brings dozens of new features and changes to Apple’s web browsing platform, Safari. Specifically, the beta 3 officially adds SFAuthenticationSession, a new API for authenticating users with a web service.

Safari View Controller also get some UI changes with the addition of new default preview options. Besides, content blockers for Safari now work pretty fine in iOS 11 beta 3.

iOS 11 tends to get better every time Apple releases a new beta version. The launch of the third beta sees Apple’s new version of iOS become more mature. However, Apple still has a lot of work to do to make sure that everything runs smooth when the final build of iOS 11 releases this fall.

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