iOS 4.0 is officially here

Apple officially released the new software update for iPhone and iPod Touch, including their first versions, the new operating system will add to them many new features, including multitasking.

Although the operating system interface has not changed notably from the previous version of Apple have made major improvements to functionality and maintenance of mobile OS, including features for copy and paste, and multitasking. The company even changed name of the operating system – iOS 4.0 – which can use the mobile phone iPhone, the player iPod Touch and a tablet iPad.

The biggest improvements are two – multitasking and improved camera. In iOS 4.0 owners of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS will be able to run multiple applications simultaneously without one of them to be confined. You can open applications in the background, they will not interfere with the application that you open at the moment. For example, now you can listen to music while surfing the Internet.

The camera, unfortunately only in the iPhone 4 can record videos with 720p resolution and 30 frames per second.

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