iOS 4.2 is ready for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad

After some delay, Apple has finally released iOS 4.2, which introduces new features in Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Fans of the games will appreciate the new Game Center. Some games will allow you to play with friends or you will automatically be appointed opponent. And if you love to show off, you will have the opportunity to announce your results to public, and you will also be able to view what games your friends prefer.

AirPlay is a new service enabling to stream video, music and photos from your mobile Apple product to Apple TV. You can send audio to speakers supporting AirPlay – these will soon appear on the market. AirPrint will get rid of once it annoying looking for drivers as it can print wireless, using printers that support Wi-Fi. Among the printers with brand AirPrint will be HP LaserJet Pro, HP Photosmart and HP LaserJet.

You lost your mobile device? Thanks to the new operating system update, you can find your lost iPhone through the Find my iPhone (or iPod, or iPad) even without being subscribers of MobileMe. Through this service you can locate your device to a card, and even set it sounds or displays a message. Also, data can be deleted or locked remotely.

It seems that Apple iPad won most of iOS 4.2. “IOS 4.2 iPad turns into a completely new product, this is time for the holidays,” said Steve Jobs. Apple CEO continued: “Once again, iPad with iOS 4.2 will set the standard to which other tablets will be going, but very few will reach, if anyone ever succeeds. One of the new features is the ability to rent a television program on iTunes for the application period of 48 hours after you start watching. (You have 30 days to start watching).

To download the new iOS 4.2, sync your device with iTunes 10.1. The software works with Apple iPad, Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 and the second and third generation Apple iPod Touch.

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