iOS 5 has over 200 new features, coming this fall

So, just as planned Apple presented iOS 5 – the next edition of its mobile operating system. In the beginning some statistics. IOS devices are already over 200 million, including phones, tablets and multimedia players, and Apple claims that they hold 44% of the market of mobile devices. For 14 months had been sold 25 million tablets, as there is scarce still and not everyone can get hold of them. App Store now has 425,000 applications, of which 90,000 are optimized for iPad, and the store has downloads of 14 billion titles that have brought the authors 2.5 billion dollars. Apple announced that the company’s servers has 225 million accounts with associated credit card to them.

And now the main. iOS 5 is the main edition of the platform, which come 1500 API for use in applications and over 200 new features. Here are the top of them. First is the new notification system, which Apple called the Notification Center. Like Android, it is available through pull-down menu at the top of the screen and save notes for various events, shows and information such as data exchange or the weather. These updates are available on the screen in the locked position, it is enough to slide your finger on them to open the application. Screen in the locked position may already be started directly camera, shooting is possible with the hardware button to increase volume and improve the pictures available and image editor with basic functions.

It Newsstand, which is an application for access to electronic versions of newspapers and magazines. Supports automatic downloading of new editions in the background. As expected, Twitter is deeply integrated into the platform and is available in various applications such as Camera, Photos, Safari, YouTube and Maps. Added to the list of contacts and have the option to download avatars from Twitter and adding them in the phonebook. In terms of ease of reading web pages included two new features – Reader and Reading List. The first automatically formats the text so that it is readable on the phone screen and the second keeps the pages for reading later. Something similar application Read it Later, and Instapaper. Safari browser in iPad can now work with the open pages in tabs. Another addition is the application Reminders, which allows creating lists of things to do, which can be activated at a specified time or a specific location – for example in the shop.

Changes in a client to work with email. Supported a different text formatting, placing flags, text search, etc.. In iPad is available and the option to go directly to the inbox through gesture, but also have a tablet and a new split keyboard that should appeal to all those who prefer to enter text with your thumbs (Windows 8 also has such a keyboard, a SwiftKey a similar application for Android). In addition, a dictionary to find meaning of unknown words, which can be activated in all applications.

Big change is the separation of iOS 5 PC. Device platform can now be activated without having to be connected to iTunes, and updates are wireless. They are smaller in volume, as Apple sent to devices only modified files. Finally update through FOTA. As mentioned earlier, is among the innovations and new technology for communication. It’s called iMessage and works in real time, supports only devices iOS. Besides text, it can exchange music, videos and photos. Works with 3G and Wi-Fi connection and will hardly appeal to operators or the Canadians by RIM. Supports data encryption, so it probably will appeal to business users.

Among other changes are gestures for quickly switching between applications in the background when iPad, displaying the screen contents of the iPad on TV via AirPlay, and wirelessly sync with iTunes iOS device over Wi-Fi, which is also expected addition of users. The authors of the applications will have access to the platform of today, but iPhone users 4 and 3GS, iPad 1 and 2 and iPod touch from 3 and 4 generation will get it until autumn.

Full list of iOS 5 changes
iOS 5 presentation video

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