iOS users play most games on their phone

According to Nielsen games are the most popular mobile applications among users of smartphones – 64% of applications downloaded are games, and 93% of consumers who would pay for a mobile application – it’s for games. Programs that provide information about weather and those for social networking are also among the most popular, but consumers are very reluctant to spend money on them. iPhone owners spend the most time playing on their phones – an average of 14.7 hours per month, which is twice the average of 7 hours for all mobile users. Android users are in second place with time spent in games – 9.3 hours per month, while the Windows Phone 7, although there is integration with Xbox Live, reported only 4.7 hours, during which its users play games. Users of Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 most downloaded games directly through their phones. Quite expected and understandably, users and owners of BlackBerry phones with advanced features most often play games that are pre-installed on phones and rarely download additional applications.

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