iPad 2 according to Amazon: 1.2GHz processor, camera, Thunderbolt and 9.7-inch screen

Tonight everyone expect Apple to present heir to their first tablet iPad, and while we keep asking ourselves what are the improvements that the company will do it, Amazon accidentally published part of the characteristics of the device. The data come from a German site and online store and in their data iPad 2 will not be significantly different from its predecessor. Will still include some additions. If the information published on the site Your Daily Apple, is true, it will be a tablet with the same diagonal screen – 9.7 inches, which is not surprising, since such information has already appeared online. Of course, included a video call camera for FaceTime and the processor already has a clock speed of 1.2GHz – it might be dual core, but it does not specify.

Another important addition was added port for use of technology Thunderbolt. It debuted a few days ago in the new series of laptops MacBook Pro and allows data transfer (with speeds up to 10Gbps) or HD video over a single cable. And last but not least, the magazine points out that sales of the tablet will start on March 17 – good news for all who are eager to get hold of the device. Other important information, which we understand from the picture is that tablet will be more expensive – option of 16GB memory and 3G capability will sell for 500 euros, while the current analogue costs 600 euros.

Apple’s event begins at 10 AM Pacific tonight.

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