iPad 2 deliveries affected by an explosion at the production factory

Analysts predict that following the deadly explosion erupted on May 20th in the factory of Foxconn in China, which produces iPad 2 possible supply device for the third quarter of this year will fall by up to 36%.

Analyst from a leading investment bank RBC Capital Mike Abramski has commented that the production of the iPad 2 may fall by between 1,8 million and 2,8 million units in the period from June to September, when are planned 8 million copies. This means a drop of between 22% and 36%. The decline will affect the financial results of Apple, reported more Abramski.

Optimistic scenario, according Abramski is production to be suspended only for the month in which the supply of the iPad 2 in the third quarter would fall by 1.3 million

Foxconn factory has 52 production lines for the iPad 2 and can produce up to 40 million units of product annually.

Since the release of the iPad 2 market Apple is unable to meet demand. It was informed before the accident that in the third quarter availability of the product will meet the demand.

Explosion erupted on Friday, May 20th in the Foxconn factory in Chengdu city, killed two people and injured other sixteen. The factory will be closed pending the investigation.

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