iPad 2 made of gold and precious stones costs $8 million

Designer-jeweler Stuart Hughes presented a tablet iPad 2 with $8 million price, which automatically makes it the most expensive iPad in the world. The device is covered with precious materials like gold, diamonds and ammolite. The device is called iPad 2 Gold History Edition, and the rear part of its body is covered with 24-carat gold. The frame of the front panel of the device is made of gemstone ammolite, which overflow any colors. It is one of three biogenic gemstone, along with amber and pearl.

Besides gold and ammolite iPad 2 Gold History Edition is inlaid with diamonds. Apple logo on the rear of the hull is made of transparent diamonds with a total weight of 16.5 carats, and the button on the front panel is adorned by 12 small diamonds. As already mentioned the price of the iPad 2 Gold History Edition is $8 million, and Stuart Hughes has promised to make only two copies.

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