iPad 2 Receive $100 Price Drop

As expected, Apple reduce the price of 2 with iPad tablet yesterday announcing the new model. The U.S. market’s most popular tablet currently costs $ 399 in a configuration with 16 GB flash memory module and Wi-Fi. IPad 2 version with support for 3G costs $ 529.
Sales of devices from two different generations is usual for Apple, well spent with the iPhone. It is assumed that this pricing tactic will make iPad available not only for regular users, but also for schools.

The price of iPad 2 remains higher in Europe than the U.S. as it is in euros. For example, in Germany a base model with 16 GB and Wi-Fi costs 399 euros, while the 3G version is more expensive at 120 euros.

Removing the price of the iPad 2 is geared sreshtu competitors to Apple. Companies like HTC, Samsung and RIM will probably have to adjust the price of their tablets to avoid losing market share.

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