iPad 3 coming on Steve Jobs’s birthday?

Like clockwork, as rumors about the upcoming release of the most anticipated internet tablet iPad third stop for a short time, they can go again. IPad 2 last year was named the most popular gadget among consumers and new signing goes as the line is going to win this title in 2012. The release of iPad 3 is one of the most hotly debated topics. Latest news, which was published in Chinese journal again Tickle curiosity of fans of new technologies. The authors of this publication verify that the information is taken from reliable sources from the immediate surroundings of the American company. Apple plans to launch iPad 3 February 24, 2012. The date is not accidental. Actually it is the birthday of late founder of the company Steve Jobs. Experts say it is not a typical strategy for Apple, as traditionally chosen for the launch of a product. Typically, management reports only date when the product has passed all tests for roadworthiness. On the other hand, the loss of Steve Jobs pointed end of a cultural era of technological art, so a similar gesture of respect and gratitude certainly

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