iPad 3 will be made in Brazil

Foxconn completed a factory in Brazil and it is now ready to begin production of the Apple iPad, reported digitimes. First deliveries of finished products will be ready in December and they will be iPad 2. The factory was established jointly with the Brazilian government as Foxconn has invested $12 billion.

The start of the factory was expected in early 2012, but Foxconn is ahead of expectations. Next generation iPad will be available in early 2012 and the Brazilian factory of Foxconn is the most likely the producer of iPad 3.

Expected prices of Apple tablet in the U.S. to fall, because they will by produce nearby which will undoubtedly affect the transportation costs.

Foxconn is the manufacturer who fulfills orders by Apple. In 2010, Foxconn has become known for frequent suicides of its works.

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