iPad and iPhone will be manufactured in Brazil?

Taiwanese company Foxconn, a major manufacturer of the products of Apple (including smartphone iPhone and tablet iPad), plans to invest up to $12 billion in factories in Brazil, reported BBC News.

Currently all the company’s factories are located in China. The decision to expand production in Brazil is linked to the fact that the labor costs of Chinese workers is constantly growing. If the deal is implemented, iPad production in Brazilian factories will begin this year.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said the government is now discussing with the company details of the transaction. The amount of investment that Foxconn plans to invest in Brazilian plants ranged from 300 million to $12,000,000,000.

Foxconn is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world. In plants of the company are produces equipment from brands like Apple, Hewlett Packard and Dell. Total in factories in China, the company currently employs more than 800 thousand. Difficult working conditions in the company has repeatedly been discussed – for example, in August 2010 the company was forced to raise wages for workers in 10 suicides in the factory in Shenchzhen, China.

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