iPad enter education

For years, U.S. universities give the newcomer students iPods and notebooks to welcome them. Now some universities offer tools aimed a little better at training. In U.S. School of Journalism Annenberg, students in the course of Professor Bill Selis “Special Reports: Education, Youth and Training” will receive an Apple iPads, voice recorders and cameras to capture stories when and where they occur. Rather than carry with them a large notebook depending on Wi-Fi, students can carry 0.7-pound iPad that can provide Internet access anywhere there’s coverage of their telephone operator.

iPad entered in the medical sector as well. Students from the University of California Irvine Medical got iPads to keep in them their digital notes, books and recorded lectures. Even more exciting are the new digital Stethoscope and ultrasound equipment that will connect to iPad, allowing students to compare their records with digital libraries, helping to more accurately diagnose.
Furthermore its mobility and easy synchronization with these initiatives give iPad beginning of green revolution in education. Instead loaded with large piles of notes and textbooks, students will replace them with iPad, much of which can be recycled.

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