iPad holds 0.04 percent of the browsers market

Browser market was one of the most controversial. Microsoft dominated for a long time with its Internet Explorer, but in the last few years Firefox has managed to steal quite a large proportion of that of IE. Apple Safari also had several similar experiences, but the browser failed to impress Windows users, although the primary browser on Mac OS X operating systems.

For mobile browsers, things are quite different. Mobile Safari dominates the market for mobile browsers, mostly because it is embedded in the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now, with the advent of mobile browser iPad will further strengthen its position.

From Engadget reported that the iPhone now holds 0.51 percent of the market, while Android and Blackberry, respectively 0.07% and 0.04%. iPad is the market just two weeks, but already holds a large as that of the Blackberry. According to NetApplications, of 16 April iPad holds 0.04 percent of market share.

Everyone is aware that iPad generally leads to media device, but these numbers clearly show that people accept the device for a great way to surf the web. Expected share of the iPad to rise further after being placed on the international market.

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