iPad joystick – hit among gamers

ipad joystick

iPad gamers now have a new widget, which they can enjoy while playing their favorite games. For just $20, Logitech will soon sell adhesive physical joystick that stick to display of the tablet that spiral with its transparent design and is very convenient to improve accuracy in action games such as NOVA or in football simulators.

ipad joystick

Besides, Logitech will offer 2-in-1 full-size Bluetooth keyboard and docking station that will turn off automatically when shutting down and will run itself when connected.

The keyboard however is much more expensive and unlikely to be affordable to everyone – the price is $129.99.

Both products are expected in September.

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  1. this thing is a bargain if you game on your ipad as much as i do. i’ve found that i can’t play as well without feedback and this $20 widget fixes all of that.

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