iPad: many know it, few want it

The more people know about the iPad, the less they want to buy it, reveals a curious new study quoted by PC World. Mayby we just have over-expectations?

The study confirmed that iPad is the least exciting new Apple product in recent years. Retrevo, an online store for consumer electronics asked 1000 of its customers for the device. According to the answers the big event on January 27 seems to discouraged interest in people, rather than inflame it.

“This is not surprising – the authors comment on PC World – given that Apple just released a bigger and much more expensive iPod touch. The product is definitely a big disappointment.”

Here’s what the survey shows more of the electronic shop. Undoubtedly rumor spread quickly. The number of people who have heard about the device were about 37% before the big announcement and during the event on January 27 has increased to 80 percent, say by Retrevo.

However, unfortunately for Apple, the number of respondents who said they had heard about the device but do not want to buy it has doubled from 25 percent before the announcement to complete 50 percent immediately after the announcement.
Well of course the remaining 50% who want to acquire the fashion widget are a sufficiently large mass to ensure success of the iPad. According to the authors of PC World, it is unlikely that Apple’s new device may be necessary as a business technology if you will and to work with Windows 7 but fun – things such as games and reading e-books – can bring success to iPad.


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