iPad orders begin this week

It is expected this week that Apple will begin taking orders for their tablet iPad. According to SlashGear, first possible date is 25 February but it has not been confirmed officially by Apple.

Initially, on the market in North America will only be available iPad models with Wi-Fi. Versions of the tablet with 3G are expected in late March.

Price of the device from $499 for a model with 16 GB of memory. The 32 GB version costs $599 and with 64 GB – $699. Adding a module for 3G communications is more expensive with $130.

iPad prices surprised analysts and competitors to Apple. Many tablets expected to cost around 1000 dollars and rely on the market to push through similar but less expensive devices.

Undoubtedly, there will be tablets under $500 but they would hardly be interested in the faithful fans of Cupertino. In principle, Apple’s customers are accustomed to paying “an idea” more costly for the company’s products and will hardly make an exception with the iPad.

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