iPad shuts down at high temperature

Recently, the pros and cons of the tablet are discussed quite extensively on the Internet. After problems with Wi-Fi module iPad, the web appears quite contradictory information that the device is excluded only under certain conditions.

Today it became clear that there is a lot of first buyers of tablet complain about this problem. In the words of consumers, iPad can be automatically put if exposed to direct sunlight.

In the Internet appeared immediately respond to speculation. Says that the tablet is placed in a special sensor that monitors the temperature of the body, probably ensure that if the temperature is too high or too low.

According information by Apple, tablets works perfectly normal if its body temperature ranges from 0 to 35 degrees. Problems of iPad start if the temperature is 40-45 degrees above or below zero.

However, if the temperature is a serious problem for users of Apple recently released and a special device which is placed on a tablet and is used for cooling.

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