iPad’s browser already has almost 1% market share

Survey of analysts from Net Applications showed that the browser of Apple’s tablet iPad has a market share of 0.92 percent. That may not seem like much of an achievement, but if you look at the results of the next tablet in the rankings shows that things are not what they seem, transmit Mashable.

Second is the browser of the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Its market share, however, is only 0.018% and this shows how significant is the achievement of the iPad. In the numerical difference is 53 times.

In just one year the market share of iPad’s browser has increased ten times. In May 2010 it was 0.09 percent. Only after a month it has doubled and has become 0.17%. In December, the share jumped to 0.52 percent to reach the cherished 0.92% last month.

The results show that even in April 2010 iPad had a higher score than the current achievement of its rival Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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