iPhone 3GS

iphone 3gs

Quite expected, minutes ago from the stage of WWDC 2009 Apple announced the next iPhone carrying the name iPhone 3GS (S is for speed).

faster than the previous generation.
For example – the sending of messages is 2.1 times faster; SimCity – 2.4x; 3.6x to load a document from excel attachment, loading a large site in Safair – 2.9h

iphone 3gs camera

• 3MP;
• Auto focus, auto exposure, auto white balance;
• It will be enough to touch any point on the screen to focus on the relevant subject. Change the white balance in motion;
• Macro and mode for shooting in low light objects;
• VIDEO – 30 fps VGA with automatic focus, white balance and exposure;
• Processing of the video with the press of the finger and spread it via MMS, e-mail, MobileMe and YouTube;

Maintenance of 7.2 Mbps HSDPA standard!

Hardware iPhone 3GS will support OpenGL ES standard for faster and complex 3D games!

iphone 3gs design

• Remains unchanged! Two colors – white and black!
• Eco friendly: Arsenic-free glass, BDF-free, Mercury-free LCD.

Special features
• iPhone 3GS has a compass, which works through the built magnetometer. This is included in the new version of “Maps”, shows the orientation, geografic width and length
• Voice commands. Now you can talk with your iPhone in Star Trek style. We can say to play related songs, to ask it what it plays now and makes it calls to people
• Nike + support built in;
• Different “affordable” options – zooming text, reverse video, text to speech with a touch of any mention of the screen;
• Display is coated with a special material (oleophobic) not remaining any fingerprints! Otherwise, witnesses claimed that the touch sensation is identical with the previous iPhone!

I think this is sufficient:
iphone 3gs battery

Prices (U.S.)
• $ 199 – 16GB;
• $ 299 – 32GB;
• iPhone 3GS will be out on June 19 in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK. After a week in 6 more countries. Many others in the summer!

Sources: i.gizmodo.com and macrumors.com

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