iPhone 4 set a Guinness record

iPhone 4 and Apple App Store made it into the Book of Guinness World Records. On the first day of its release on the market – June 24, 2010 – iPhone 4 has been sold 1.5 million times, making it the best buying portable gaming device, said site of Guinness World Records.

For comparison, on its first day Sony PlayStation Portable, which came out in 2005, had sales of 200,000 units, and Nintendo DS in 2004 – half a million.

App Store is the biggest shop for games. By September last year it had 37,362 gaming applications. For comparison, the Steam service offers around 1110 games to load.

From July 2008 until now users on the App Store downloaded over 6.5 billion games. Furthermore, the store has a Guinness record with the widest assortment of gaming applications.

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