iPhone 4 sold out in hours

Preliminary orders for new iPhone 4 yesterday jammed the website of the exclusive provider AT&T. Even Apple was forced to exclude the hotline because the excessive number of rings, transmits Reuters.

Smartphone released on June 24. Then reserved for amounts already bought AT&T reported. The operator has already started taking orders for the next day of official sales.

Part of the people trying to get a iPhone, who failed to order the smartphone online stores visited AT&T, to save space for smartphone. Tails are seen by tens of users to the operator sites in San Francisco. That interest has never been to any other product designated by AT & T.

Last year was sold 1 million units of iPhone 3GS in the first three days. iPhone 4 is expected to achieve even greater success.

The new smartphone is available in the U.S. against the $199 version with 16 GB of memory and $299 in a version with 32 GB and a contract to AT&T. In France, indeed can be ordered unlocked iPhone 4 for 629 euro (16 GB) and 739 euro (32 GB).

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