iPhone 4 with record sales

It is now clear that the Apple has sold nearly 1.5 million mobile phones iPhone in four more first day sales. Source of information is online cnn.com. With this the company has improved each record so far. As you know, the original iPhone was needed 74 days to reach the number one million, the iPhone 3G was required a week and iPhone 3GS transfer numbers for a weekend. With these figures set iPhone 4 will be the downfall of the company, at least in this aspect.

By Apple confirmed that 600,000 have already fulfilled the preliminary orders for the people living in the United States, as the latest data currently has about 100,000 mobile phone non-reserved in the company stores, and 50.000 in Best Buy. Walmart also sell iPhone 4, but still no data on how mobile phones have been delivered and how many were sold.

The company has sold only 750,000 copies in the United States, and placed the phone to sell in France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.
According to highly successful sales, perhaps most analysts will be clear that 77% of people purchased an iPhone 4 already had such a phone. Of all the buyers, 6% had a BlackBerry, 3% had Android-based phones, 2% had a Nokia, and the remaining 12 percent are not certain.

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