iPhone 4G concept

It does look very nice indeed, with the design more angular than the current version (square is the new round according to many designers), and an improved camera and more standard memory.

iphone 4g concept

# Titanium and Glass with an OLED screen
# Front camera for iChat
# Removable battery
# 3.2 Megapixel camera
# 32 GB


  1. hi. There. At. 32. Gb. That. Would. Replace. Hard. Drive. Mp3. Players. Hard. Drives. Will. Avantly. Lose. Too. Flash. Memory. And. Solid. State. Flash. Drives.

  2. first of all apple needs to focus on fixing the many problems with the 3G, believe you me there are ALOT my iphone is currently messed up and im left with out a phone. Although the ideas of a new awesome apple product are quite stimulating we need to be realistic, there are alot of things that you have to look at and looking at all of them a new iphone should NOT/probably will not be released anytime soon (in my opinion) but what the heck we can all still dream i guess…

  3. I believe first, they need to fix the battery life. I’ve got myself iPhone 3GS 2 months ago. i was so happy and excited about it, but it didn’t stay for long. I’ve sold it month after as battery life didn’t stay for a day and half. Not even talking about having 3G/Wi-Fi/Push and others things on. If you want to play games or watch movies, better to have iPod Touch 2nd generation. Way better then iPhone. I bet you 100% baterry on this one i shit too…

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